VC Life Sciences is a Customized Solution Provider to the Dietary Supplement Industry. We commit ourselves to provide One-Stop Service according to your specific requirements. We have two multipurpose facilities, certificated with GMP or under GMP standard framework.
There are over 20 scientists working in R&D team, four senior scientists with PhD degree having experiences in study and work aboard, 18 staffs with Master degree. Those scientists are at a cutting edge of the field of Bio-catalysis Design, Optimizing and Commercializing. One of the hardcore technology platforms is to develop and manufacture the material using the green chemistry process.
Our ability to produce and source exceptional quality, hard-to-find products has enabled us to establish closer relationship with some of the most esteemed customers in the business.



Our team is at a cutting edge of the field of Bio-catalysis Design, Optimizing and Commercialize by Natural Transformed Enzyme Used in Commercial Process to Reduce Hazard Substance
• Customized gene expression system, including yeast, E. coli, B. subtilis
• Customized genetically engineered bacteria and metabolic modified bacteria
• Development of new enzymatic synthesis
• Evaluate the performance of industrial enzymes
• Develop new enzymatically engineered bacterial strain, synthetic method for chiral compounds


We are Transparent and Inclusive throughout our entire supply chain. We create success through innovation in products, marketing, business development and relationships building. We keep ourselves accountable, and invest great in Research & Development, Quality Control, and Scientific Database Research.


Commit ourselves to develop cutting-edge technology and best quality, cost effective ingredients to provide a leading advantage. Standing in customers’ position thinking and providing best services to make their products and vision a reality and outstanding in the market.