Reliable Service

We work hard to make you keep ahead of market trends

We always pay close attention on the latest scientific literature and collect the information of the novel ingredients and technologies. We screen novel ingredients for you to design the new formulation. Once you have projects in developing new formulation with specific function, we can sort out the novel ingredients from our research database. 

Meanwhile we can find the optimal ingredients for you to upgrade formulation in order to help you ahead of market trends. We will search the ingredients list and their mechanism of the target chemicals then offering you different proposals for ingredients improvement.


-Research Services

There are eight personnel in our team searching the scientific profiles for each ingredient including physical, chemical, biological properties, its function and mechanism, even the difference between the ingredients in current market using difference technical process and ours.

-Development Services

VC Life Sciences possesses R&D center including fermentation production, biosynthesis and Purification. We are rich in resources to conduct and process researches. All the compounds requested can be developed from Pilot Scale study, Bench-Scale research to commercialized production.

Customized Products and Services Available

We are experienced to customize unique ingredients or specific byproducts to meet your demands which help to make you and your brand more outstanding in the market.

Warehousing Services

We established warehouses in CA and Utah to meet demand on prompt delivery. We put many safety stock of ingredients, Scoops and Desiccant to relief our clients' inventory pressure.